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Centrifugal Blowers

We manufacture centrifugal blowers for different applications with capacities upto 1, 50,000 CFM and with static pressure upto 800 mm WG.

  • Conveying systems for dust in to compactors and dust collectors.
  • Circulating air in chambers.
  • General ventilation.
  • Forced ventilation on AC and DC motors.
  • Providing suction or exhaust for different application.

Water Manifolds

We supply water manifold in MS and SS for plastic processing and general industrial application. The specification ranges from 4 to 15 port in single and parallel type this will help in

  • Adequate mold cooling
  • Reduced and more consistent cycle time
  • Easily identifiable water lines to aid proper hook up.

Heat Exchangers

We manufacture Shell and Tube and Fin type heat exchanger used in various industries for air heating and oil cooling.
The capacities varies from 7000 kcl/hr to 4,50,000 kcl/hr.

Lifting Devices for submersible mixers

We supply lifting devices in MS and SS for installing, operating and maintaining submersible mixers. The mixer height can be adjusted at different levels in the tank and it can be rotated in different direction to get better efficiency.

Booster Systems & Accessories

We build total hydro pneumatic system skids and accessories. Manifolds are made in MS and SS. The system is designed either with single or multiple pumps to manage water supply in domestic and commercial establishments.

Other Engineering Products

Manufactured as per customer specification.