Product information

The VEDI series takes care of the above requirement and installed where machines are not fixed on the floor and levelling of machines are required.

The dampening material used is water and oil resistance. On request, we also supply in RO series which consist of felt as dampening material for better isolation and solid-borne sound. Keeping into consideration that mounts are not in contact with water or oil on a regular basis.

Selection Chart

Sr. No. Model Bolt Dia (MM) Load Range in KG
1 VEDI 130 M16 800 – 1300
2 VEDI 155 M20 1800 – 2600
3 VEDI 190 M24 3000 – 4000

Sr. No. Model Bolt Dia (MM) Load Range in KG
1 RO 125 M16 1400 – 2000
2 RO 150 M20 2000 – 3000
3 RO 170 M20 3000 – 4000
4 RO 205 M24 4000 – 5000

  • SSVE anti-Vibration mounts are manufactured from top grade raw material be it felt, natural rubber, variety of synthetic rubbers. After rigorous R&D, testing and thorough inspection, care are taken to get an excellent product line by testing each of our mounts.

  • SSVE anti-vibration mounts provide fast and easy installation of machines. These anti-vibration mounts provide enhanced component finish/part tolerance and extend tool and machinery life. The machine mounts provide improved health protection and better structural safety. The vibration insulating base pad is made of composite material at varying composition giving different natural frequencies to provide vibration damping solutions to all types of industrial machines.

Additional Details

    VEDI rubber series anti-vibration mounts

  • Anti-vibration mounts provide fast and easy installation of machines.
  • Anti-vibration mounts provide enhanced component finish/part tolerance .
  • Anti-vibration mounts also help to extend tool and machinery life.
  • VEDI rubber anti-vibration mounts are resistant to water, almost all the coolants, lubricating oils used in the modern machine shop.
  • VEDI felt series anti-vibration mounts

  • Felt provides near permanent resilience, as it is composed of millions of individual wool .
  • Felt fibers, selected, blended, and felted to provide a material with maximum vibration-energy absorption and isolation characteristics.
  • VEDI felt anti-vibration mounts are easy to install and extended the tool and machinery life.
  • An important feature is that felt retains its resilience at low temperatures where some other materials become hard and brittle.
  • The impact absorption capacity limits rebound, reducing wear and tear on equipment. Impact absorption and flexing properties remain constant over years of use, assuring dependable performance.