We manufacture and cater different industries for impellers and industrial blowers for OEM as per their design.

Product informations

We manufacture only for OEM comprehensive range of high quality fan products suitable for use in a multitude of industrial applications. We are a long established specialist manufacturer of industrial centrifugal blower; all designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology to provide optimum performance and long service life. Our centrifugal fan range includes: backward laminar, backward curved, flat backward, radial paddle blade, forward curved multi-vane and radial blade high pressure blowers.

We currently manufacture and export different type of impellers, exhaust blowers and industrial fans as per design from our OEM. We have complete infrastructure setup and machinery to handle and manufacture range of Industrial blowers as per drawings. We manufacture centrifugal blowers for different applications with capacities from 800 CFM up to 150000 CFM with the required static pressure specified by our clients.

  • SSVE as an organization is aiming to establish long term stable business relationship with our valued customers, we believe in offering the latest, timely and effective solutions to our customers, not only in terms of cost and quality, but also applications support, product advice and full technical back-up to match the development goals of our valued clientele.

    Currently manufacturing Centrifugal Blowers & Fans for the following purpose

  • Conveying systems for dust in to compactors and dust collectors.
  • Circulating air in chambers.
  • General ventilation.
  • Forced ventilation on AC and DC motors.
  • Providing suction or exhaust for different application.