Product information

1.) Booster Systems & Accessories

We manufacture Hydro-pneumatic Booster System for automated water management in large buildings, complexes, for HVAC and other applications. Hydro pneumatic booster system is designed either with single or with multiple pumps configuration designed with Variable Frequency Drive and control panel.


2.) Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

Finned tube heat exchangers have tubes with extended outer surface area or fins to enhance the heat transfer rate from the additional area of fins. Finned tubes or tubes with extended outer surface area enhance the heat transfer rate by increasing the effective heat transfer area between the tubes and surrounding fluid. The fluid surrounding finned tubes maybe process fluid or air.

The Fin Tube Heat Exchanger is manufactured as per customer’s design and specification. The current ranges being manufactured are,

• Volume from 800 m3/h to 80000 m3/h
• Static from 300 Pascal to 8000 Pascal